Find a Home for Your Belongings in Twin Falls, ID

Our storage vault system is the solution you need

Are you looking for a place to store some extra belongings as you move into a new house? Do you need to keep some items in a safe place long-term?

Ford Transfer & Storage Co. has the temporary or long-term storage solution you need. If you're interested in using our premier storage facility in Twin Falls, ID, call us to schedule an appointment. We'll provide an estimate for your storage needs.

Our team tags, weighs and inventories all items so nothing ever goes missing. We charge by weight for our storage services. Appointments must be scheduled to access our storage facility and will be charged hourly with a minimum of an hour to provide you with a warehouse employee.

Why we're the only company to call for your storage needs

Why we're the only company to call for your storage needs

If you need a safe and secure storage facility for your belongings, our storage vault warehouses in Twin Falls, ID are:

  • Private - accessed only by appointment
  • Secure - no public access
  • Organized - every item is tagged and inventoried

We'll keep your items padded, protected and vaulted. When you're ready to move things out of storage, we can load you out of our warehouse at an hourly rate, or we can provide you with an estimate to take care of it for you.. Reach out to us today if you need an effective storage solution.

Do You Need Us to Pack Your Items?
We offer packing services for your move.